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Journey Through the Solar System


                                         Before you start  







    Bibliography Download


On your journey you need to visit eight planets and their satellites, one dwarf planet, some smaller objects such as asteroids and comets, the Moon and the Sun.  You will collect facts about each place you visit in the Solar System.   Download and print a copy of the fact cards and create a fact card for each place you visit.  Use the Internet resources below or classroom books for your research.  As you discover each place choose four important facts and write them on your fact cards.  












                                                                                                      Fact Cards Download       


Resources for Your Solar System Journey

Astronomy For Kids

Science Facts & Videos - Yahoo! Kids

Solar System - By

StarDate Online | Solar System Guide

StarChild: The Solar System

Views of the Solar System

Welcome to the Planets

Our Solar System


NASA - NASA for Students

The Nine Planets Solar System Tour

NASA - JPL Solar System Simulator


For your own search:

Reference Library - Yahoo! Kids



After you have finished your Solar System fact cards you are going to continue your journey and fill out a planet comparison chart.  Download and print a copy of the Planet Comparison Chart.  Using the link EnchantedLearning-ZoomAstronomy  find the information   for your comparison chart and fill in each section.










                                                                                      Planet Comparison Chart Download



When you have completed your “Journey Through the Solar System” you are going to put all of the information together and create a poster.








   Cut out your completed fact cards and completed comparison chart.  

  Create a title for your poster and glue all of the fact cards and          comparison chart on the poster. 

  On your poster draw illustrations representing each of the places  you visited on your journey.. 

  Glue your completed bibliography on the back of your poster.














 Now that you have finished your

“Journey Through the Solar System”

hang your poster in the classroom  

for the “Galaxy Gallery Walk”.



To the Evaluation